About Ross and Nicole Lace


Nicole is Canadian, Ross is American, we met in Arkansas in 2004, and have been a couple ever since. We haven’t spent all that time together however – two years of our relationship has been spent in two seperate countries. We got engaged in Dec 07, married in Jan 09, and finally started living together again in Toronto in Oct 09. We’ve lived in Korea since November of 2009, and will leave Korea in Feb 2012. After that, we’ll see where life takes us! (Maybe somewhere in the middle east?)

Nicole loves educating children, working out, reading and playing around with fun nail polish. Ross loves photography, cooking, and tinkering around with electronic gadgets. We both enjoy going to the movies, spending time with friends, and having fun.

We are always available to answer questions about our Korean adventures, write to us at rossandnicole@gmail.com.

  1. Looking forward to the Korean adventure. We want to hear it all.
    We Love you.

  2. Oh you guys! I am so excited for you! It’s going to be so great! Remember not to forget any of us!

  3. Hi my sweethearrts – this is Aunti Brenda here -love your apartment – wishing you a fab 2010 – and please take e and your Mom with you the next time – maybe Spain..

    Wishing you love, laughter and happiness over the New Year- oh to be young again – take advantage of it and have a blast…

    Keep safe my loves and keep in touch – love to hear how you are doing.. sounds fab!!!

  4. HI Ross,

    Just wanted to drop a note – saw this site on your mom’s post on Facebook. You may not remember me, but I’m your cousin. You may remember Sean? I’m his mom. Anyway – you and Nicole are living a great life and doing some wonderful things. Just wanted to let you know I think you turned out to be an awesome man and I’m proud to call you cus! Keep up the good work!


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