If I had the time, what I would do in Korea

I’ve been to LOTS of places in Korea. Mudfest, skiing in Muju, Namhae Island, the cable car in Busan, the DMZ, the bamboo forest, the list goes on and on. But there are SO many different things to see in Korea, I wish I had more time! (Ross and I leave in 25 days.) Here is a list of things I wish I still had time for.

  1. Dokdo Island – This island is the centre of a disagreement between Japan and Korea as to who owns the land. The Koreans have control over it, but the Japanese claim that it belongs to them. I just want to see if for the beauty.
  2. Seoraksan National Park – I’d love to be able to go in the fall. Apparently the colours are BEAUTIFUL. It’s really tucked away in the northeast corner of the country, however, and we’ve always lived too far to really make a go at it. Plus, the hiking… still kinda scared of being up on a mountain after the last time I went.
  3. Jeongseon Auraji Rail Bike – How did I not know about this?! Its like riding one of those pedal boats, but on a railroad track! It looks FANTASTIC! And I only found out about it today! This should be in every tourist brochure the Korea Tourism Organization puts out. It looks like an amazing time!
  4. Geoje Island – We live so close, and yet we never went this year. The island is apparently beautiful, and it has a Quizno’s! (Don’t ask about the Quizno’s, foreign teachers are the only ones who could understand why that would excite me.)
  5. Sun Cruise Hotel, Jeongdongjin Beach – It’s a hotel, shaped like a cruise ship. It never leaves land! And it has the best views of the sunrise in Korea, apparently. It’s just really far away from many things, and kind of difficult to get to. I’m sure it would be worth it if we had the time!

I am sure there are more places I would like to go, more temples I would like to see, and more stuff I’d like to do. Once I think about it more, I’ll add to the list. I just wish I had more time!

xo nicole


About Nicole

I'm a Canadian, married to an American, who has lived in South Korea for two years. How's that for around the world. I'm also addicted to zebra print. Check our our experiences - https://rossandnicole.wordpress.com

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