Happy Holidays everyone! Ross and I have been VERY busy this Christmas holiday, as we had lots of shopping to do and people to see. Here’s how we spent our Christmas:

On Friday, we had to dress up in Santa outfits and perform in the school’s Christmas show, which was quite interesting. There was also a little confusion when we were supposed to dress up, and also a little confused over what to do when we got on stage as Santa and Mrs Claus. I made an xtranormal video about it – it’s meant to be funny, and it’s exaggerated, but you can kind of see some of the frustration we had. LOL

I also felt really sick on Friday as well. Ended up at the doctor over lunch because I couldn’t talk. My vocal chords were swollen, and the doctor said I couldn’t speak for 3 days. (Ross was kinda excited about that…:P ) That didn’t stop us from going into Busan and looking at the Christmas lights in Nampo-dong.

We also enjoyed a wonderful meal at a pizza and pasta restaurant in the middle of Nampo-dong (I’ll look for the name later) and went shopping at my favourite store in all of Korea, ARTBOX. I discovered this store in Daejeon, and then come to find out they have stores all over Korea, Japan, and across the world. I could buy out the entire store.

By Saturday afternoon my voice was much better, thank goodness. It just turned into a horrid cold. I knew that was going to happen… anyways, Saturday we lounged around the house until our friend Bart came over, and then I met up with Rochele and took her to the Masan Christmas Caroling Extravaganza! I got dressed up in the Santa suit from the school, and about 20 of us went around Samgye singing Christmas carols and raising money for the local orphanage. It was awesome! Then we went to the park beside our school and drank some mulled wine, and celebrated the Christmas spirit.

Sunday morning Ross, Bart and I got up and we opened presents. I feel so spoiled! Then we took turns skyping with family back home. (I think I skyped my house about 5 times on Christmas day!) That night we had a few people over for a potluck and Dirty Santa gift exchange. It was awesome having good friends over for food, presents, and playing the wii.

I really enjoyed Christmas this year, but this is my third Christmas in a row away from my family back in Toronto. Next year, no matter where we are, I plan on flying back home and spending Christmas in Ajax. 🙂

And that was Christmas! Now we get to spend a week off, where we’ll be headed to Pohang for New Years to visit with Matt and experience the first sunrise in Korea for 2012. Back to work on January 2nd. But then the countdown begins until LETA AND ARIC COME TO VISIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, Leta and Aric are coming to visit! (Leta and I have been friends since grade 5, and Aric is her little brother.) They’ll be here over Lunar New Year and my birthday! YAY!

Oh, and guess what – Ross is already starting to pack! That’s what he’s doing right now as I write! 61 days until we’re done!

**For anyone who’s interested in our plans for coming home, we’re leaving Masan around the 28th of Feb, so we can go to Daejeon to spend some time with Justin and Rachel before we leave. Then we depart Incheon on March 3rd, and spend 19 hours in Narita, Japan. After a free hotel stay (courtesy of Japan Airlines!) we’ll be leaving Narita on March 4th, and coming into Chicago 4 hours before we leave Narita. 🙂 After a 7 hour layover in Chicago, we will be arriving in Memphis around 3:00pm on March 4th. And there you have it!!**

Okay, I guess that’s it for tonight. Over the next couple of months I hope to wrap up our Korea adventure with a bunch of good posts that will be helpful for new teachers. (And, maybe if things go well, I’ll continue to post about Korea for the next year… fingers crossed!)

Good night!

xo nicole


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I'm a Canadian, married to an American, who has lived in South Korea for two years. How's that for around the world. I'm also addicted to zebra print. Check our our experiences -

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