Miso – Korean Musical

In August, I won tickets to a couple of tourist-y spots in Seoul on facebook from the Seoul Convention Bureau, and this past weekend Ross and I traveled to Seoul for Chuseok and to claim my prizes. The first prize I won was tickets to see a Korean musical called Miso. From what I understood before we went, Miso is a non-spoken performance showcasing all different types of traditional Korean arts (music, dancing, drumming, etc) all incorporated into a love story. It sounded so nice to me!

I love shows, as I have always had a deep seeded dream to be a ballerina or a singer (just someone up on stage, really…), but my husband is not the biggest fan. We were traveling with a couple of other people, and no one really wanted to go see it with me, but I convinced my husband that we should go as a date. He was skeptical, but agreed to go.

We picked the Sunday before Chuseok to go, the last performance of the night (there are two to choose from on a daily basis, 4:00pm and 8:00pm, except for Mondays when they are closed). We thought it might be a special time to go, as it was so close to the holiday. We got there about a half hour before the show, and was greeted by smiling faces, a warm cup of tea, and a nice lobby to rest in. They offer some pre-show entertainment, some of which you have to make reservations for (traditional drumming class, 15,000 won extra) and some of which you can participate when you go in (trying on traditional clothing and picture taking, 5,000 won for each outfit), which is nice to be able to experience some culture before hand.

The show starts with a description of the story, so that you are not lost while you’re watching it. It has translations in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese, so everyone can understand. Then the show begins. The theatre is small, which gives it an intimate feeling, and the cast will sometimes walk through the aisles, which makes you feel like part of the show. The art direction and choreography is wonderful, and the music is so beautiful to listen to! The love story is so touching as well. It is nice that they give you an overall plot outline at the beginning, so you know what’s going on. My favourite part is the drumming, it is so powerful and moving, and I love the traditional Korean rhythm.

At the end of the show, they pick two people from the audience to come on stage and do some plate spinning. Ross was SO close to going up, he was only one seat away! I kinda wanted to go up, just to fulfill my lifelong dream of being on stage, but oh well. Anyways, it was really neat for them to incorporate people from the audience. I wonder if they always pick people in the same seats…

The show was so lovely, and I’m glad I got the chance to watch it. The real test, however, was if Ross was impressed. I asked him afterwards how he liked it, and he said it was great! He said he was very impressed with the show, and the quality of the performance. I’ve also heard him talk about it with other people, so I know that it made an impression on him!

The Chongdong Theatre, where it’s held, is tucked away behind the Deoksugung palace near the City Hall subway station, is easy to find – just follow the road to the left of the palace, go past the art gallery, and it’ll be on your right. There are three seating sections (we were lucky enough to sit smack in the middle of the theatre, definitely the best seats in the house!), but the theatre is so small and intimate that any seat would be perfect.

The website for the show is here, and you can also call them at 02-751-1500.

I’d love to show you pictures of the show, but cameras were not allowed. I do, however, have this one:

I promise, there were lots of people in the theatre, just oddly none behind us!

Anyways, if you’re looking for something to do in Seoul, and want an injection of traditional Korean arts, Miso is definitely a show to go see.

xo nicole


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I'm a Canadian, married to an American, who has lived in South Korea for two years. How's that for around the world. I'm also addicted to zebra print. Check our our experiences - https://rossandnicole.wordpress.com

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  1. I too got the opportunity to watch Miso perform… only because I have to cover (photograph) a Korean event when they came here in the Philippines.

    I’m not a fan of musicals but I liked it. I hope to see them again when I visit Korea someday.

    • How did I not see this comment until now? I am so glad you got to see them as well, I hope they did as well in the Philippines as they do in Korea! I’m sure they did.

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