Namhae Island Adventures

This month we went to Namhae Island over the long weekend, and we had a blast. Namhae is an island along the south coast. We’re actually only about an hour, hour and a half away from the island. It’s the 5th largest island in Korea, and the whole island is pretty traditional. There are nice beaches, and is a very popular tourist destination for Koreans, with all the pensions and minbaks (guest houses) on the island. We were lucky enough to get to go with Adventure Korea, an English speaking tour group that does trips all over the place. Most of their departures are from Seoul, but once in a while they do pickups in other places around the country on the way to their destination. We were lucky enough to go, because their website said there were no more seats left, but actually two people had cancelled so we got on the bus! We went with Callum and Alice, and I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend the long weekend.

On the bridge on the way to the island.

Namhae Island in the background.

For some reason the army was on the bridge?

The group walking down the massive hill on the way to the traditional farming village. The hills in the background are the fields in which they farm on. This village is a very popular tourist destination, but only in the past 10 years. 10 years ago, the village was trained to host people in their houses so that they could have income from the tourists. And it worked. There are so many people who visit the village now, it can get crowded.

Our honestay. The people who live here have basically turned their house into a mini hostel. I’m sure they get paid a lot in order to do this.

The darangee village. And our housemother crouched in the foreground.

The village and the farming fields.

The traditional lunch we were served. Basically a lot of delicious side dishes, and soup. And fish.

Hanging out in front of the only store in the village. I think we cleared them out of their beer and soju. I mean, there were 40 foreigners on this trip.

This is the man who represents the darangee village and is in charge of making sure the visitors to the village are educated and have fun. He is super sweet!

Alice and Callum, with the paper lanterns we were going to fly. We wrote wishes on them, and the wishes are supposed to come true when the lanterns lose their fire and come down. We didn’t get our wish (a pancake breakfast).

Lighting the lanterns. This one didn’t fly, because there was a hole in it.

Our red one flew though! Bye bye!

They had a wonderful drum circle demonstration, and Callum got to play a drum!

The village served us all these mussels. They were delicious!!

The village worships these stones, a male and a female, and they pray for good harvests. The male is obvious, the female one (on the right) is a pregnant woman.

The village’s farming fields.

Callum fishing in the sea.

The fields in this village are so skinny, that they have no machinery to plow the fields. They still use ox in order to farm. I got the chance to plow the field – it’s harder then it looks!

After the farming village, we went to the fishing village, and we got to try to fish with our hands. It was really challenging!

The bay where we tried fishing. This is also where we went night swimming. This is when the tide is out – when the tide is in, the water would come all the way up to the umbrellas.

Yummy raw fish meal!

Callum playing with the BBQ fish.

I would definitely travel with Adventure Korea again – Seokjin , our tour guide, really put on a good tour. Going with friends was good, meeting new people was awesome. Great trip overall! 🙂

xo nicole


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  1. It’s a really pretty island. I wish I could’ve spent more time when I was there.

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