3 weeks in – has it already been this long?

I know that 3 weeks doesn’t sound like a long time for people, but when you think about it, that’s almost a month. And then we only have 11 more to go. Sometimes it feels like we’ve only been here a couple days, really. Then sometimes it feels like we’ve been here AGES. But just as an update – everything is going well – the school took some getting used to, it’s so different from our last one. I’m taking it all in stride though. My expectations are different, and I’ve had to adjust my outlook on things. But really, you have to do that with any new job, right?

We’ve met a few people here in Masan who have been wonderful to us. We’re really excited to get to know them – we might even go out to the bar tonight to hang out. It all depends on how tired we are though. And we should probably save money. But we really don’t need to go there to drink, it’s just to socialize.

This weekend we’re headed back to up to Daejeon for a Man Wons performance at Yellow Taxi – can’t wait to see everyone together in one place! It’s gonna be crazy! We’re also bringing along Laura, the girl we met at the consulate, and two of her friends from Busan. It’ll be nice to play tour guide!

On a sad note, Ross’s uncle TJ passed away at 5:00am on the 15th. We expected this coming, but it’s still very, very sad nonetheless. I wanted Ross to go home for the funeral – we even booked a flight – but the funeral will be Thursday and Ross can’t get there in time. So maybe this weekend we’ll head to the mountain in Daejeon or something and have a little memorial service for him.

I got my camera working finally, so hopefully soon I’ll have some pictures for you. But right now I should be getting ready for work! If I don’t have time to blog on the weekend, I’ll blog next Wednesday morning. It’s a time where I can be alone with my thoughts, and I have about 45 minutes to write.

Until then, peace love and kimchi!

xo nicole


About Nicole

I'm a Canadian, married to an American, who has lived in South Korea for two years. How's that for around the world. I'm also addicted to zebra print. Check our our experiences - https://rossandnicole.wordpress.com

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