Balloons, Food and Rock

This weekend Daejeon is filled with exciting festivals, all in the same area of town.

1) The Daejeon Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

This is down by the river over by the Expo Bridge, and it’s supposed to have balloons flying high in the air… except yesterday when we went, it was too windy, so they weren’t flying. But the guys were shooting off fire from the balloon baskets, and we bought a kite to fly, and it was all good. At night, we left the Rock Festival (see below) to go watch a wonderful fireworks display (Koreans know how to do some fireworks!), and to light a lantern and send it flying. You write a wish on the outside, and then light a block of something on the inside, and the hot air makes it rise into the sky. Ross and I lit one, Rachel and Justin lit one, and Russell lit one. When you see all of them in the sky (probably like 50 or 60 at a time) they look like stars. It’s gorgeous!

Balloons lying on the ground… waiting….


The awesome panda balloon

Mel, you’d be proud… we got to fly kites! 🙂

Beautiful fireworks

Blowing up the only balloon that went up yesterday

Our city is awesome.

Send that wish into the sky!

2) The Deli Tour Show (World Food)

This was in the KOTRA building at Expo Park, and also had some booths outside. It wasn’t very interesting – just some booths with Korean food, a few international booths (mostly Turkish and Indian), and a couple tourism booths. I thought it was especially funny with the tourism booths.

This makes me want to go to New Zealand.

Anyways, here are some pics from the food and stuff.

Korean sweets

The spin for soju wheel. We won three bottles!

It wasn’t all that interesting, but it was worth it go and eat some tandoori chicken and samosas and shwarmas. Mmmm, delicious. Oh, and they also had these bookmark things that advertised the Rock Festival, and on the bottom it said it was good for one free beer. We totally took like, 30. 🙂

3) The 1st Daejeon Rock Festival

This is what drew the most foreigners, apparently from all over the country. It was nice to know that so many people were coming to our backyard to come party. It started off really cool, with a screamo band scaring away all the Korean families (LOL) and preparing the scene for the foreigners to have a nice party. Our whole group ended up hijacking one little table near the beer tent, and pulled over about 20 chairs. The free beer coupons really helped, except that the line for the beer was like 70 people long… they honestly needed another beer tent. And more bathrooms. But the rock was decent, the availability of foreign food was nice, and the friends were great. Unfortunately, it ended much earlier then the organizers expected, because of the neighbours complaining. Apparently Koreans don’t like rock music.

Anyways, we’re going back to the hot air balloon festival today, so that we can hopefully see more balloons and maybe even ride in one… that would be super cool. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks, because we’re having a great weekend here!

xoxo nicole


About Nicole

I'm a Canadian, married to an American, who has lived in South Korea for two years. How's that for around the world. I'm also addicted to zebra print. Check our our experiences -

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  1. I was there! Came by bus with a bunch of folks from Gunsan. I was congregating at the first table in the background of the sparkler picture. This event is definitely on my list of things to recommend to people coming to Korea.

    • Glad you were able to make it! Daejeon is an awesome city, I love living here, and to have something like this happening was awesome. Too bad it was shut down early – I’m sure next year will go off without a hitch.

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